White Background Lighting Setup

I recently started working for a company called Candeo. I’ve been doing mostly web development for them but they’ve had me shoot some promotional and training videos for them. I had never shot anything with the white infinite background.

I found a couple examples on the internet but I didn’t like how much they had to grade it afterwards. Especially with these DSLRs capturing a compressed H.264 codec. It’s like color grading a low res jpg. You get a lot of saturation in the highlights automatically when you try and blow out the background.

I had that same problem at first. Lighting the white sheet with 2 250 watts and lighting the subject with 2 600 watts with soft boxes. It didn’t blow the background out enough. You can see it in the video below. I pulled the 600s down to 300s and it worked fairly well. I actually kinda like the depth, they’re almost vignette like shadows.

For audio, I’m using an

Audio-Technica BP4073 Lightweight Shotgun Microphone. Sound turned out pretty clear. There’s a bit of an echo but it’s not bad.

Below is a graphic of how I set up the lights.

White background Lighting Setup

And here are a few stills and behind the scenes footage.

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